Hurricane of Change


I’ve sown a seed of an idea… and I’d like you to share in my new vision for my beloved Hobart Hurricanes and the Big Bash Cricket League. 

In that future our Hurricanes is a club that gives prizes or access to player’s autographs to the kids who pick up rubbish from the hill and the stadiums after the match. It’s a club that gives out free match merchandise that is 100 percent biodegradable. It’s a club that composts and reuses its food waste. 

At the food outlets, healthy fare is on offer that is just as tasty as the ‘yellow food’ that currently lines our intestines with fat and salt. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating a bucket of hot chips with ‘dead horse’, followed by a maggot box (meat pie), but what is it in Aussie culture that sees us litter the earth and our bodies with rubbish? 

I guess I’m noticing rubbish, having just moved house. It’s been a hurricane of change, and I’m now left with an almost empty rental to clean that looks like the hill after a Big Bash match. I’ve been dishing the kids up with sub standard meals too until I restart the veggie garden and find the box with the pots and pans. 

In the old house, there are bits and pieces left in corners after the main furniture has gone. It’s got me wondering why do we humans accumulate so much STUFF? We hoard it. Or we cast it away without a second thought for Mother Earth. 

As we left the Blundstone Arena the kids carted home more KFC bucket hats, several purple plastic clappers and a few ‘Four ‘and ‘Six’ cards like a group of Big Bash Bower birds. 

Already in my mind I began repurposing and recycling, planning new uses for the waxy KFC buckets and the cardboard ‘Out’ signs that would end up in the worm farm… but what to do with the plastic? 

Last night at the match between the Scorchers and the Canes, I’d mentioned my vision for an environmentally aware and health conscious sports club to the wonderful cricket administrators whom I’ve come to know and love through my affiliation with BBL. 

I’m glad I raised it with them. I’ve learned from farming that to reap rewards and change the future, you must sow seed. I’ve sown a seed of thought… and it may take time for those seeds to germinate and to grow, but it’s an idea worth spreading and growing. You can help spread it too, but like farming, it’s best grown with love and with faith that it will happen. Change is best cultivated, not forced. I know that change is in the big beautiful Hurricane wind for a cricket culture that not only supports women but also Mother Earth. 

Until then, may my beloved Hurricanes make it through the semis in the WBBL and Purple wins the prize! Go girls!