Hooray! You found my author page!  

I’m an earth girl, a big hearted mama, a chick who loves country rock,  a bushland babe, a grassland goddess, a women who loves both utes and yoga, farms and female philosophy.  


I’m an adventurer of life and a seeker. I’m a storyteller, a scribe, a spokesperson for soils and I’m here on this planet to tell you a tale or two… 

I'm touring with my brand new spanker, ‘Down the Dirt Roads’. I could be coming to a town, library, shopping centre, pub or bookstore near you! 

Here’s the link to all the places I’m touring.

Bring your beloved old copies of past novels for me to sign, your grandma and photos of your dogs and kids. I would love to meet you, greet you and hug you for being part of this amazing journey.

See you round and about in your neck of the woods very soon!

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