Hobart Hurricanes

Purple Passions

I am lucky enough to be both Tasmania’s State Ambassador for Riding for The Disabled and our cricket team the Hobart Hurricanes in the Big Bash League.

It’s a nice co-incidence that both organisations feature the colour purple which I’ve read suggests wealth, extravagance, fantasy and the world of dreams. The colour is said to enhance spiritual pursuits and enlightenment.

With that symbolism, it is the perfect colour for both cricket and horses!

Horses offer the wealth of beauty and cricket, the wealth of agility in sport.

Both are, in my mind, spiritual pursuits.  The tribal oneness that cricket brings with its excitement of peaceful warriors battling to win, and the enlightenment one discovers about ones self on a horse is something otherworldly.

My passion for cricket and horses has been life long. As has my love of being active and encouraging others to make the most of the bodies that we’ve been blessed with – no matter their limitations.

I urge people take on the healing that comes from horses and feel the joy that comes from being part of a team sport like cricket - no matter what your age or gender.

Cricket is the perfect platform for celebration of all things Aussie, and now with women’s cricket at last sharing the stage and soon, along with the salaries that the men enjoy, I encourage you to rev up your daughters for this rich sport.

If you have a person in your life challenged by a disability, I can’t recommend RDA more highly. It’s changed the life of our family dramatically and my darling Rosie girl is flying high since joining the RDA tribe.

As for stories… I love to get people reading… so watch this space for more stories on cricket and horses and humans!

Both are my purple passions! Join me in them!