Cowgirl Spirituality

I’m not a ‘God Botherer’ in the religious sense of the word. My place of worship and comfort is my
‘blue sky Cathedral’ that is the land and life that surrounds me. 
As we journey in life some people get battered, some become weary, and there grows a sense of fear, or a sense of lack.  I have been fortunate enough to have always been a ‘questioner’ of life and a scholar in ‘expanding my self-awareness’. 
For some reason, even in the early years, when I was not as ‘aware’ of my universal connectivity as I am now,  I always followed my heart and my love. Instead of being driven by money or by what others believe I ‘should’ do I was always driven by my passion.
It’s not always been a straight path, and I have been diverted many times, but my inner compass that is my ‘faith’ has always led me back to my true nature… which is one of love and peace and more recently abundance and joy. 
When I say ‘faith’ I am not talking about bibles, or ‘God’ as man has created. I am talking about connecting to an energy that is within us all. It’s an energy that is not just in humans, but plants, animals and all things that is on this earth and beyond. We are, after all, made up of the same stuff as stars. If you are prepared to look and become aware, there is an epidemic that is raging across the planet. It’s a veil of negativity and fear. 
The media shines spotlights into every corner of every disaster and awful event that is happening around the world, then they package it up and feed it into our lounge rooms, radios, i-pods and internet and call it ‘news’. During the ad breaks they show commercials of all the awful illnesses our bodies are susceptible to. Then they want to sell us stuff to artificially make us look better, feel better and make us temporarily happy. 
When you are a cowgirl like me and live on a heavenly hill like mine surrounded by nature, kids, dogs, horses, very tame clean-the-floor- in-the- kitchen chickens, and the best in country music, I do not, and I repeat, do not chose to funnel the media’s version of the world into my home. Some may call me ‘ignorant’ but I am very selective about what I bring into my living space and therefore into my thoughts. 
After many years of reading, mentoring from others and meditation, I deliberately focus my attention on joy in everything I do; even packing school lunches when the contents of my fridge is looking like a chook’s breakfast. Thanks to my study I have been training my mind and my thoughts, to see what an abundant world we live in, and because of that, life just gets better and better.
But it hasn’t always been this way. My sensitivity as a creative being has also led me to great pain, anxiety, chronic depression and illness. But this too has been a gift. Divorce and losing everything material, including a place on my family farm has also been one of my greatest lessons and a gift, hard though that journey has been. 
I can’t ‘show’ you how I got through those events in a bid to assist you in what you are searching for in life, but I can outline a small portion of the people, places, books that helped me and continue to help me along my wonderful path. The rest is up to you to find your inner Cowgirl or inner Cowboy so you can lead the
magnificent life you were sent here to lead….

Now let’s have a beer….. 



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