Before we get to the serious biography below, I am essentially a mother to two wonderful little humans, I am a writer, regenerative agriculturalist, and a lover of all things in life. 

I want to channel love into everything I create so that I can share it with the world. I’m also really good at taking the mickey out of myself, Aussie-style, so I laugh a lot… even at the tough stuff life dishes up. 

Here’s a sketch of my professional life below. You’ll have to come for a horse ride or go for a walk in a paddock with me to find out the other many sides of me…


Rachael Treasure gets as excited about soil microbe activity as she does by beautiful storytelling. By combining her love for the land and the written word, Rachael sparked a publishing boom in 2002 when her first novel, Jillaroo, took the world up to contemporary women's stories beyond the city lights. 

Rachael is Tasmanian born and bred, lives in Southern rural Tasmania and is a full time mother to two young humans and many eccentric animals. She has an Associate Diploma in Rural Business Administration from University of Sydney’s Orange Agricultural College and a Bachelor of Arts – Communication from Bathurst’s Charles Sturt University. Rachael has been dubbed an agricultural activist, feminine change-agent and literary pioneer and has worked as a rural journalist, radio broadcaster, truffle sniffer dog handler, professional wool classer, stock camp cook, drover, farm manager and working dog trainer. She is a State Ambassador for Riding for the Disabled, Tasmania and a former Ambassador for the Hobart Hurricanes cricket team. If you'd like to know more about me, check out my media & speaking page.