Hooray! You found my author page!  

I’m an earth girl, a big hearted mama, a chick who loves country rock,  a bushland babe, a grassland goddess, a women who loves both utes and yoga, farms and female philosophy.  


I’m an adventurer of life and a seeker. I’m a storyteller, a scribe, a spokesperson for soils and I’m here on this planet to tell you a tale or two… 


Wednesday 12 April  

2pm - Oberon Room, Fish Creek Hotel, 1 Old Waratah Rd, Fish Creek 

7pm - Moe Library, 1-29 George Street, Moe

Thursday 13 April   

2pm - Maffra Library, 150 Johnson Street, Maffra

6.30pm - Stratford Library, 70 Tyers Street, Stratford

Tuesday 18 April   

2pm - Bright Library, Ireland St, Bright 

6.30pm - Wangaratta Library, 21 Docker St, Wangaratta

Wednesday 19 April   

12.30pm - Wodonga Library, 126 Hovell St, Wodonga

7pm - Cobram Library, 14 Punt Rd, Cobram VIC 3644

Bring your beloved old copies of past novels for me to sign, your grandma and photos of your dogs and kids. I would love to meet you, greet you and hug you for being part of this amazing journey.

See you round and about in your neck of the woods very soon!

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